The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The basic functions and mindsets of the people you'll encounter; Artists, Agents, Promoters, Labels, Crew Members, Publicists, & everyone who works for them.


Who Will You Meet At The Water Cooler?


There are as many personalities in this industry as there are titles, every one plays a significant role, even if a runaway ego suggests otherwise. Those who succeed share some common DNA, they are resourceful, quick-minded, gifted with an abundance of common sense, they're diligent and thick skinned and completely intolerant of laziness.

As an innovative industry the impossible is accomplished every day, it has to be.  If it can be imagined, it can be created, and since it's never been done before, they're creating the blueprint, and everybody on the team is dedicated to that goal. It can be pretty heady stuff. The highs are euphoric and the lows are devastating ~ all in a day's work.

Political correctness is not observed, the first time you're on the receiving end of 'a personal attack' you'll be shocked and rather devastated, but 90% of the time it's not personal, it's just the result of an overworked and under-slept person immersed in the goal of breaking the laws of physics. If this is something you don't think you can handle, please don't apply, you'll just be getting in the way of miracle making.

People outside the industry think it's a glamorous job, they're wrong. Of course there's an aspect of glamour, but not everyone on the team will be exposed to it, there are a lot of people behind the scenes that don't even get to go to the show. 

Of course there are egos that get in the way, the obtuse and the fragile. It can be extremely frustrating to have your hard work threatened by something you deem insignificant or petty, but it will happen. Your achievements won't always be recognized, they'll be considered part of your job, what you're paid to do, so you'll have to be content with patting yourself on the back. You'll want to quit often, but something will keep pulling you back in ~ all normal stuff.

Each job title seems to attract the same character, both sides of that character, the Jekyll and the Hyde, the Saint and the Sinner, they both have their roles.  Some situations require tact while others need a more obnoxious approach, and as much as the 'jerks' piss me off, I recognize their worth and I recognize the fact that I've been the jerk too.  

I started off as receptionist, worked my way through marketing and production until I eventually ran the concert department. After taking a break from the industry I came back and landed in finance. I have worked for the Promoter, the Artist, the Label and Artist Management. I've been a Road Manager a Tour Accountant and a Personal Assistant.  It's been the best education I could ever have imagined, far better than any school.  

I have over 20 years experience, therefore I believe my opinions are valid, but I do consult with former colleagues to see if they have a different view because I know I don't know everything.  


I'm just getting started, I'm posting as fast as I can, come on back.



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