There are Artists who can play, sing and write like they have a direct connection to your soul. The sensitive Artist has the power to literally move you with a song that uncannily describes everything you’re feeling;  when you're disheartened, desperate or madly in love, hearing that song virtually transports you.

That feeling of ‘nobody understands me’ immediately evaporates when you hear that song. It’s like it was written specifically for you about the situation you’re currently in.  There is of course magic involved, the Universe makes sure you hear that song at the right moment. These Artists' talent is a literal gift from God.

But think about if, for an Artist to so accurately capture what you’re feeling, he must have experienced it too.  That pain, that joy, that betrayal, that intense love, this Artist was able to access some otherworldly power to find the perfect words to reach into your soul and let you know that someone does understand. 

When you want to sing from the rooftops but everyone around you is in a bad mood, or you want to bury your head under the covers and cry your pain away, this Artist creates a vortex around you, insulating you from your environment, shutting out everything that takes you out of the moment. If devastated, the Artist gives you solace and hope for healing, or if you’re over the moon, the Artist lifts you into a state of bliss that does not require input from anything or anyone.

That this Artist lays bare her vulnerabilities for the whole world to see, many to judge, most to interpret through their own lens, is an act of bravery - would you put yourself out there like that?

Most Artists with this incredible power are shy, hyper-sensitive and have been thrust into the spotlight to be ceaselessly misinterpreted and critiqued for everything from their shoes to the length of their hair.  The state of his physique, her physical beauty or flaws. These Artists don’t want to be in this position, they don’t want to be props. They are exploited to unconscionable degrees by people who want to seize every available option to fatten their wallets, knowing full well it leads to burnout... or worse.

Many fragile Artists succumb to drugs or alcohol to numb them from the part of their job that makes them feel used and abused, that devalues their work and tries to make them a brand. They are adored, but they don’t feel worthy, they are insecure... more drugs, more alcohol to work up the courage to walk out on that stage to ‘give the people what they want,’  it is often far more than what the Artist wants to give. 

They are treasures, they are fragile, they are the rare ones who have the ability to make a direct connection to our souls.  They are tortured by compromise, from their torture comes masterpieces.  Be very gentle with the fragile Artist, she breaks easily.


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