The Very Definition of a Thankless Job

The Ticketing Department People are always stressed out.  They look like they’ve never seen the sun, they walk into the office miserable and grunt a lot.  I feel for these people.  They're charged with fulfilling all the ticketing requests for all the shows. Much of the time the requests are unreasonable, but the people asking cannot be denied, so the Ticketing people have to juggle 8 chainsaws at a time. When there are no tickets to give and several people who cannot be denied, the Ticketing people have to make some very brutal calls.  Someone who thinks they’ve got tickets are going to be told there was a snafu and, sorry, but we’ll make it up to you.  I would never, ever want to work in the Ticketing Department.

Aside from accommodating an overwhelming amount of ticket requests, the Ticketing People are also asked for favours by fellow staffers. These are people they have to work with every day, of course they want to come through, it’s hard to have to say no to a colleague who is pleading in your face as opposed to via email.  To make matters worse, the staffer will undoubtedly ‘pop in’ to ‘say hi’ to the Ticketing Person and 'oh, since I'm here, how's it looking for my ticket request?'  By the way, that’s the only time the staffer ever pops in to say hi. I would never, ever want to work in the Ticketing Department.


It is a thankless job.  It is a solitary job. Nobody else in the office really has anything to do with the Ticketing Department, (unless they have a personal request,) so there's no 'reason' to talk to anyone. Besides, the Ticketing Person is usually on the phone or email from the moment he/she walks into the office, until the moment they leave, often late, because of time zones.


Ticketing is chronically under-staffed, I've rarely seen them emerge, I may have bumped into them on the way to the loo, or to get a coffee, but sightings were definitely rare - rarer still? A smile on the face of anyone in Ticketing. Can you imagine spending your every day listening to people, beg, plead, bribe, threaten (ish)? And a personal life cannot even be imagined, it's hard to trust whether or not people are being nice to you because they genuinely like you, or because they want tickets. I would never, ever want to work in the Ticketing Department.


When I was starting out tickets weren’t as hard to come by, and if it was a General Admission show I could write my own. Seriously, I have given up to 30 tickets for a single show to friends at the pub. These weren’t computerized, they were cards, they had the show information and a line for an authorized signature, pretty much everyone in the office was authorized, so…easy to give away 30, especially when the show wasn’t a sellout. That was then, this is now.  


Every ticket is money.  The Ticket is everything.  If a show sells out, the Ticket was too cheap.  If a show stiffs, the Ticket was too expensive.  The Ticket could be bartered, the Ticket could curry favour, the Ticket opened doors, not as many as the Backstage Pass, but there are more Tickets than Backstage Passes. Still, I would never, ever want to work in the Ticketing Department.


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