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After 20+ years in the industry, I've learned a lot and can probably save you some trouble.

The Road Bubble

Something You Should Know

When you go out on the road you're a traveling bubble, a world-unto yourselves, travelling the country, continent or world, you are together every day, it's you guys against the world. It's all-consuming. You will experience every aspect of your fellow road warriors' personalities, lack of sleep and inconceivable road-blocks bring out the best and the worst in each other. Feelings get hurt, things get tense but you always have their backs and they always have yours. Any problems encountered on the road are shared by all of you and the rest of the world doesn't exist. You have to be in this mode, this bubble, because that's where the problems are solved.

When you find out your tour will bring you to the town where a long lost friend lives, you'll be full of anticipation. As the date gets nearer and the stresses of the road are weighing down on you, the more excited you'll be to see 'a civilian' especially in the form of a good friend, unrelated to the tour. Let me give you a warning: it won't go how you think it will go, and you'll both probably end up disappointed. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but wouldn't you rather know this in advance? You are at work, you are not on personal time and you're still in the bubble. The visit can leave the both of you feeling uncomfortable. That's the nature of the beast. Your friend will think you've changed, perhaps decide you have an ego, you will not be able to relate to the 'real world' because you're still in the bubble. Some friendships survive, some don't.

The road can be a lonely place because who do you talk to when your pissed off at your bubblemate(s) but nobody back home could possibly understand? That's a very common feeling. Your life back home still exists and needs to be tended to, you still have bills to pay, families and friends to stay in touch with, but it gets increasingly more difficult with every passing day. That world seems like a distant memory and that feeling causes problems, you'll have to face those problems when you get home. Your bubble mates have many of the same issues with their families and friends, they're the only ones who could understand. 


You'll experience the full gamut of emotions. You'll accomplish the impossible and that feeling of success will permeate the entire bubble, it's euphoric. You will also experience the lowest lows, when something goes wrong and can't be fixed, that disappointment will permeate the entire bubble too, it's toxic. Energy, be it euphoria or disappointment, is overwhelming when it is multiplied by every person in the bubble. Nobody can rise above or sink below it, there is no objectivity in a bubble. So, when signing on for that tour, be well aware of what you are embarking on. Forewarned is forearmed!


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