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You're Not In Love, You Just Think You Are


Following up on what I said about 'The Road Bubble,' when you're on the road you're a traveling microcosm, a world in and of itself. It's an 'us against the world' feeling, and under these circumstances, it is normal for alliances to be formed. If/when the Road Manager pisses you off because he's treating you like children you'll probably find a bubble mate who feels the same way, so you migrate towards each other. Perfectly normal. It's lonely on the road. But sometimes attraction based on a shared emotion gets confused. Sometimes you mistake that attraction for something romantic in nature. It feels like the real the Road Bubble.


Odds are on any given tour there will be hookups. While on the road it's not unusual for people to create bubbles within the bubble. It's like you're working at the office 24/7, there's no escape, you need a break, everybody does. You can't leave the bubble because outside of it there's nothing but strangers, and you'll only be there for a day or two anyways, so it doesn't solve the long-term problem.


But, if you find someone in the bubble who shares the same feelings as you, a bubble soul mate, your excitement grows, you look forward to spending alone time with them, and you think you're in love.  They get you, they're going through the same experience as you, that's hard to resist.


The thing is, when the tour is over and you're back to life, back to reality, the mundane aspects of your life start taking over, you're not in the bubble anymore, the world is bigger and you don't have as much in common with your bubble soul mate as you thought you did.  In a perfect world you both feel the same thing at the same time, so nobody gets hurt, but that's not always the case.  I can almost guarantee this realization will happen. 


Hopefully, if you do embark on a roadmance, you don't have a girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband back home, let alone kids. Because although traditionally what happens on the road, stays on the road, an email might be uncovered, a picture of the two of you on tour might make it on the band website, or some other oversight. You're not covering your tracks too carefully because your other world doesn't exist from the vantage point of the bubble. You'd better think long and hard, because roadmances can break up a family, and that's a lot of damage for an illusion.




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