My Wish For You Is That You Get To Work With One Of These Folks

I was very lucky, I was trained by one of the Awesome Old Dogs.  Sadly, he is no longer on this planet, fucking Cancer, but this kind of Old Dog really wants you to succeed.  He’ll take you under his wing, show you the ropes and beam with pride when you figure something out or pull something out of your ass without any guidance. I call this Old Dog The Mentor. Here are some characteristics of The Mentor:


  • Like the Asshole Old Dog, The Mentor has a lot of stories to tell too, but you have to draw them out.  The Mentor doesn't talk just to hear his own voice. 

  • The Mentors are also luddites, but they freely admit it.

  • The Mentor will hip you to the ‘big picture,’ knowing that people perform better if they know how their work contributes to the end result. The Asshole Old Dog will give you as little information as possible and tell you everything else is ‘above your pay grade.’

  • The Mentors ooze cool.  No effort required, they are cool.

  • The Mentor walks slower and talks slower than his Asshole counterpart.  He doesn’t stress out and would never throw a hissy fit. This Awesome Old Dog doesn’t need to be loud or bark out orders, he doesn’t need to prove anything.  He’s secure enough to just be.

  • The Asshole Old Dog secretly admires the Mentor, but lacks the confidence and often the maturity to emulate him.

  • The Mentor gives credit where credit is due.

  • Don’t get me wrong, the Mentor will give you enough rope, if you hang yourself with it he’s not going to get all sentimental. He’ll be like, ‘next,’ and you’re done.

  • The Mentor checks in with you to see how you’re doing.

  • The Big Boss has a lot of respect for The Mentor.  The Mentor does not suck up to his superiors, he doesn’t have to.

  • The Mentor does not show off. He’ll probably have a nice car, not over the top, but he won’t flaunt anything.  He won’t have ‘art’ in his office, he might have signed posters, but they’re probably covering stains or holes in the walls.  

  • The Mentor has his share of swag in his office, but most of it's still in its packaging and if you seem interested in anything, he’ll offer it to you.


There aren't many Mentors left and the industry is poorer for it.  I love these Awesome Old Dogs, I could spend hours hanging with them and have. The Asshole tries to make you feel like you should be honoured to hang with him, and you'd really rather not anyways. The Mentor offers you a beer and a seat and you are immediately at ease.  God Bless The Mentor, such an Awesome Old Dog.


So, you see, the Old Dog can either be the most obnoxious person you’ll have to work with, or the best, it depends on their level of self-confidence.  My wish for you is that you meet at least one Mentor in your career.  I don’t want you thinking the Asshole is all there is, although you’d be forgiven for thinking that.


A few tips on dealing with the Mentor.


ALWAYS go above and beyond.  The Mentor can and will help you climb the ladder.

Do NOT suck up, The Mentor doesn't like desperation.

Resourcefulness is one of the most valued attributes, never be afraid to think outside the box.

Don't whine or complain about anything, The Mentor was mounting shows before cell phones, you don't know hardship!

Don't make excuses. They've seen and heard it all, it isn't easy to bounce back in their favour if you do. You don't want to lose The Mentor's trust or faith in you.

Don't  gossip or throw shade at any of your colleagues, this is a huge turn off to The Mentor.

A Sense of Humour goes a very long way. 


Again, I hope you get to work with a Mentor. You'll learn a lot and enjoy the process.



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